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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Now that Spring has arrived it's time to plant your Summer flowering bulbs either directly into the ground or into pots and patio containers. It's important to get the timing right so ideally plant when the soil temperatures are just starting to rise and the bulbs are ready to start actively growing. Healthy bulbs will feel firm and show no signs of mould or damage and always look for the biggest bulbs as these will produce the biggest bloom.  Free-draining soil is important as bulbs are susceptible to rotting if the soil is very wet or water clogged, I would suggest adding some coarse sand to improve drainage in heavy clay soils and also adding a good layer of well rotted organic matter would greatly beneficial.

Summer flowering bulbs are very easy to grow, simply dig a good size hole, add a small amount of compost and place the bulbs or roots gently in the hole making sure that the growing point is facing upwards. Cover with your soil and firm in gently, always remember to water in well initally to settle into the soil.

Most Summer flowering bulbs and tubers love a sunny position, give them that and they will reward you with months of flowers for years to come.

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